Animation 1

For 48hrs from 2:00pm

Friday 16th October


Alex & Mr Fluffkins

Adeena Grubb, Andy Biddle
United Kingdom, 2020

With quarantine loosening and lifting in places, Alex and his cat Mr Fluffkins have been having a pretty chilled time, but life is about to change for these two... or is it?

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Paul Flannery
United Kingdom, 2019

Bernard is annoyed and flabbergasted at being called the black sheep of the family for nothing more than his lifestyle choices and drinking habits.

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The Butterfly Cage

Hélèna Serra, Maxime Sabisik
France, 2020

A little boy is dead. His parents were trying to grieve until they found out about a cloning laboratory that could give them their son back.

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Streets of fury

Aidan McAteer
Ireland, 2019

Max Punchface is only interested in two things - punching and kicking. His life takes a strange twist when he opens a portal to the peaceful world of Sheepland...

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The dream of B. Soares

Thibault Chollet
United Kingdom, 2019

I am like a pendulum that can’t stop waving, always moving, never reaching.

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Homeless Home

Alberto Vázquez
Frane, 2020

No one can escape their roots, however rotten they may be.

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Jolanta Bankowska
Poland, 2019

'Story' is a reflection about modern man in an age of omnipresent technology.

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KIM Kyoung-bae
South Korea, 2020

The boy is swept up and gets lost in the parade pouring into the room.

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Acid Rain

Tomek Popakul
Poland, 2019

Skinny lives in a camping van, which he uses to run his not-so-legal job errands. Together with him, she sets on a journey with no destination. As the ride continues a particular affection grows between the two of them.

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