Animation 3

For 48hrs from 4:00pm

Friday 23rd October


Empty Places

Geoffroy de Crécy
Finland, 2020

Where is everyone?

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Leeha Kim
South Korea, 2019

The fox who wants to be a mascot for the city goes to a mascot training academy.
He is still getting many Mascot auditions with taking loans at a high-interest rates for undergoing plastic surgery.

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Dahee Jeong
South Korea, 2019

In the space of 10 minutes, the African baobab tree grows 0.008mm, the fastest dog in the world, the Greyhound, can run 12km, and the Earth travels 18,000km around the Sun.

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Human Nature

Sverre Fredriksen
Netherlands, 2019

Human Nature is a short animation film about the love animals have for people, and the harm they consciously or unconsciously cause to us.

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Toby Auberg
United Kingdom, 2019

Water then food. Agriculture then industry. Old then new. Critical then extra. Simple to complex. Concrete to abstract. Dirt to clouds. Real to unreal.

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All Tender Things

Tatu Pohjavirta
Finland, 2020

A terrific barbecue party where sacred things are thrown into the flames.

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Evan McInnes
Australia, 2019

Getting stuck in the daily grind is all too easy, but sometimes all that’s needed to open our eyes is a helping hand.

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Very Noise

Meat Dept.
France, 2020

“Very Noise” is a visual synthesis of many testimonies of stroke victims that we have collected over the past few years.

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