Best of the fest 1

For 48hrs from 8:00pm

Tuesday 20th October


Kieran Stringfellow
United Kingdom, 2020

After spending the night in a cell, a rough sleeper has a score to settle.

Brooklyn Park

Nikola Duravcevic
United States, 2019

Alone in New York, Somali rideshare driver Abdi begins his nightshift with the news of a tragedy back home.

Dog Eat Dog

Rikke Gregersen
Norway, 2018

Silje leaves her boyfriend, Thomas, but returns to the apartment when she realizes that she forgot her phone. As she gets back, she finds him hanging from the chandelier with a rope around his neck.

Stockholm Syndrome

Ben Marshall
United Kingdom, 2020

A seemingly innocent phone call between a young woman stuck in London's lockdown, and her Swedish mother, slowly reveals chilling secrets that don't bode well for her Tech-Deck obsessed partner.

They saw the sun first

Stefan Hunt
United States, 2020

A genre-bending documentary using dance and physicality to explore themes of youthfulness, fear, regret and aging. The star of the show is New York. The perspectives of elderly citizens of NYC are interpreted physically by a younger generation.


Leeha Kim
South Korea, 2019

A fox wants to be a mascot for the city and goes to a mascot training academy.
He gets lots of Mascot auditions but is taking loans at a high-interest rates for undergoing plastic surgery


Ben Reid
United Kingdom, 2019

When a worker falls to his death at a care home, it appears to be a terrible accident. But when a detective questions a young man with Down syndrome spotted at the scene, they uncover a crime more shocking than anyone imagined.

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