How it works...

The festival begins at 2pm Friday 16th Oct and each day for ten days there will be four new 90 minute programmes added to the platform. You have 48 hours to watch the films in the programmes from the start time. You can stop and start a film, watch it twice and watch it anytime - day or night. 

With the "£10 film pass" you can watch all 200 films on an online platform similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

If you want the industry talks included it's an additional £10 for all 25 events. The talks are LIVE so you can join online each day and ask questions. If you miss the talk you can watch in back on VOD the next day (or anytime right up to the end of the festival).

Passes are on sale now so sign up today...

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Sponsors and Supporting Partners

Light Cinema, Market Place, Bolton, BL1 2AL