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For 48hrs from 4:00pm

Saturday 17th October

Behind the curtain

Giacomo Boeri, Matteo Grimaldi
Italy, 2020

The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion) presents Behind the Curtain, the latest fashion film directed and produced by the Milan-based Creativity Factory The Blink Fish.


Michaela Poláková
Czech Republic, 2018

Caroline is about the search for one’s freedom. About the courage to step over the lines drawn by our society; to overcome the rules set up to bound us in our decisions. 

Never look at the sun

France, 2019

Ancestral patterns combined with modern prejudices and stigma explain skin bleaching

Lying Together

Corey Baker
United Kingdom, 2020

Dance film collaboration between Hong Kong Ballet and Corey Baker dance, filmed on location on the rooftops of Hong Kong.


Louis Mas

France, 2020

The spirit travels with the elements, from his beginnings in a forest spring, through his exploration of an abandoned village and dense woodland, before returning to the water as a natural conclusion to his day on Earth.    


Pablo Destito, Agustina Videla
Argentina, 2020

Being captures the restorative power that draws the dancer to the dance. Away from a life of sidewalks and cellphones, where beauty is unnoticed, time stops so it may start again. 


Caleb Femi
United Kingdom, 2018

A dance-poetry film on the freedom of self-expression. Written by Poet and director Caleb Femi.


Nicola von Leffern, Jakob Carl Sauer

Austria 2019

Skating is forbidden by the police in Uganda who claim thugs and thieves utilize the skill of weaving through traffic to snatch things from cars and trucks. But for many young Ugandans it is a passion, which provides a new sense of pride, self-expression and perspective.

Fucking Down

Amanda Lago
Spain, 2019

Music video for Fatal Tiger that explores the struggle we face in accepting ourselves by portraying and engaging with the most extreme aspects of our personality.


William Nawrocki
United States, 2019

The first of an experimental film trilogy by fashion designer Nigel Moore  "10/6" features pieces from JNIGEL S/S II collection.

Time Takes Time

Alberto Leracitano, Francesco Belligerante, Italy, 2020

The movement and the action that repeats itself, always the same but always different, in a loop that connects with what surrounds us, again.

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