Culture Vulture 2

For 48hrs from 4:00pm

Monday 19th October


The Conversation

Lanre Malaolu
United Kingdom, 2019

Through a dynamic fusion of movement and dialogue, The Conversation explores the challenges black men and women experience when communicating their racial experience to white partners.

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Swan Lake Bath Ballet

Corey Baker
United Kingdom, 2020

27 elite dancers from around the world perform a new take on Swan Lake from their own (filled) bath tubs. Filmed entirely remotely during COVID-19.

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Stoners / Slices of Infinity

Fred Miranda
Portugal, 2019

Conceptual Thriller homaging the Portuguese Marble.

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In this life

Bat-Sheva Guez
United States, 2019

Grief is a painfully physical experience, one where spoken language is often inadequate to convey loss or to comfort it. In a tale that is universal and yet profoundly personal, this film explores the physical language of loss.

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In Passing

Anne Verheij
United Kingdom, 2019

A short film about navigating the invisible to connect. Through movement and impossible camera angles we try to find our way into the 24/7 world in which we start to lose connection with ourselves and others. 

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Zebra Katz - Lousy / In In In

Daniel Wirtberg
Sweden, 2019

Double A side music video featuring the tracks "Lousy" and "In In In" by Zebra Katz.

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Larkins - Are we having any fun yet?

United Kingdom, 2020

Music video featuring Larkins and their new track "Are we having fun yet?"

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They Saw The Sun First

Stefan Hunt
United States, 2020

A genre-bending documentary using dance and physicality to explore themes of youthfulness, fear, regret and aging. The star of the show is New York. 

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