Doc 60 - 1

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For 48hrs from 4:00pm

Friday 16th October


Train Robbers

Martin A. Walther
Norway, 2019

A retrospective, coming of age documentary about a group of train robbing kids from Norway in the 90s.

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Far from past

Nicole Foelsterl
Switzerland, 2020

The old lady vigorously defends her image of herself against her granddaughter, who wants to learn more about her flight from Hungary to Austria. 

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Anne van Campenhout
Netherlands, 2020

Imagine you are thirteen, your teacher is showing you how to use a condom in front of your entire class and images of different sex positions are shown on the blackboard...

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3 Logical exits

Mahdi Fleifel
Denmark, 2020

A sociological meditation on the different “exits” that young Palestinians choose, in order to cope with life in the refugee camps.