Doc 60 - 3

For 48hrs from 8:00pm

Monday 19th October


This means more

Nicolas Gourault
France, 2019

Crowd simulations are faced with testimonies from Liverpool Football Club’s supporters who recall their experience marked by a tragic event : the Hillsborough stadium disaster.

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No crying at the dinner table

Carol Nguyen
Canada, 2019

A collection of family secrets, confessions and confrontation.

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Jakob Carl Sauer, Nicola von Leffern
Austria, 2019

Skating is forbidden by the police in Uganda who claim thugs and thieves utilize the skill of weaving through traffic to snatch things from cars and trucks. But for many young Ugandans it is a passion.

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All cats are grey in the dark

Lasse Linder
Switzerland, 2019

Christian lives with his two cats Marmelade and Katjuscha. As he is yearning to become a father, he decides to fertilize his beloved cat Marmelade by an exquisite tomcat from abroad.

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