Family Films

For 48hrs from 2:30pm

Saturday 17th October

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Let's roll

Chris Thomas
United Kingdom, 2019

A teenager defies her mother by training in secret for the town's dangerous tradition, the Cheese Roll.

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Robin Haig
United Kingdom, 2018

A Highland woman who wants to be a Warrior Queen.

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Mark Arrigo, Steven Chatterton
United Kingdom, 2020

Ten year old Adnan has fled Syria with his mother after their family were killed and their neighbourhood destroyed. Now settled in the UK, he must use all his creativity to break through her PTSD or risk losing her forever.

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Me, my germs & James

Anastasiia Vorotniuk
United Kingdom, 2019

A teenage romantic comedy about Lilly, who is a germophobe. She dreams of her first kiss with the guy she loves, but because of the germs she imagines in his mouth, she is not able to.

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My hero

Mac Montero
United Kingdom, 2019

No-one feels more like they don’t belong, than 10-year-old Maia. She tries every day to make friends. Every day, she fails. Hannah and Lottie, popular, funny, beautiful... have their prey. 

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A million eyes

Richard Raymond
United States, 2019

A gifted young photographer, grappling with his mother’s alcoholism, sets out to capture something he loves.

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