Frequently asked Questions and Answers

I need help submitting my video, can you help me ?

Yes, we've put together a short tutorial to run you through the basics of submitting a video on FilmFreeway, you can watch it on Youtube here:

I can't afford your submission fees, do you do waivers ?

Film Festivals are not cheap to organise as you might imagine... we try to keep our entry fees as low as possible but we do have some pretty serious costs to cover. We present sixteen high quality trophies to finalists, print festival brochures, banners, posters, postcards, online marketing and employ videographers and photographers to capture the event. We also pay industry speakers to give talks and pay for their travel costs along with selected film-makers. We're non-profit but the event still costs thousands and thousands of pounds to organise, so unfortunately we don't typically give waivers. However if you think you are an exceptional case please get in touch at 

When do tickets go on sale and how much will they cost ?

We aim to put tickets on sale for screening and talk in mid-August but festival passes are on sale now.

Food and drinks


The Cinema Light Experience has a licensed bar "The Green Room" and The Market Place is also home to The Vaults, a brand new destination for fine dining and real ales:

Getting to the festival


Bolton Film Festival is screening at The Light Cinema Experience within the Market Place (BL1 2AR), which is a five minute walk from Bolton's train station. It's also easy to reach by car (especially coming in on the A666) with parking on site within the Market Place.