Friday 23rd Oct


Long Shorts

From 2:00pm Oct 23rd

Three outstanding half hour shorts make up this 90 minute programme. 


Animation 3

From 4:00pm Oct 23rd

Outstanding animations from Finland, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, France and the United Kingdom.

UK Shorts 4

From 6:00pm Oct 23rd

The best UK shirt films represented in diverse stories from boxers fighting for pride, to a single mum looking for love, to a grief stricken father seeing retribution, to a doctor living of grid. 

Best of the Fest 2

From 8:00pm Oct 23rd

A little bit of everything makes up our Best of the Fest's block, with animations, documentaries, comedies, international films and home grown talent.

Industry Events

Blue Zoo.jpg

Realtime Animation

LIVE @ 2:00pm Oct 23rd

Tom Box of BlueZoom Animation takes us through the world of realtime animation and how he sees this new advancement in technology and workflow affecting the future of the industry. He'll explain how this new advancement can help aspiring film makers further their careers.




Campaigns for films

LIVE 4:00pm Oct 23rd

More details coming soon...