Accreditations for the 2020 Bolton International Film Festival are available to representatives of the film industry and the media.

  • Please request accreditation using the online form button.

  • We reserve the right to refuse industry accreditation this would normally include students, actors, crew, directors and producers who are not playing in competition at BFF. 

  • We particularly welcome accreditation from broadcasters, industry representing film acquisitions, sales, distribution, film festivals, film funders, film institutes and sponsors. 

  • You will receive an approval e-mail which will allow you to create a MY BFF account and to log in to the website. 

  • Accredited guests can then watch all the films in competition online (only available within the UK territory). 

  • Location will be determined based on the IP address that the viewer uses to connect to the festival's website. We block any VPN addresses by default. 

  • Accredited guest will be able to access the industry delegates database. 

  • Limited free tickets are available for selected physical screenings from 1st September.

Types of accreditation:

1) Industry - intended for representatives of the film industry:

  • Industry accreditation: FREE

  • Holders of this type of accreditation receive online access to all festival screenings, accompanying events and BFF Industry events (including the BFF Market video library) taking place from 2nd October - 11th October

2) Media - for journalists:

  • Media accreditation: FREE

  • Intended only for professionally active journalists who will cover the festival (the organiser reserves the right to refuse to grant media accreditation to a person who does not meet the above criteria).

  • Holders of this type of accreditation receive physical and online access to all festival screenings, accompanying events and BFF Industry events (including the BFF Market video library) taking place from 2nd October - 11th October

A correctly completed accreditation form results in sending an automatic confirmation of registering the application to the e-mail address provided. Please note whether you have received such confirmation.

Any questions regarding accreditation, please contact:

Questions regarding MEDIA accreditation should be directed to:

We answer most of the questions asked in the FAQ tab (Questions and Answers) . If your question is not answered there, please contact us by email.

Regulations for the online sale of tickets, passes, accreditation and the use of the Online Cinema as part of the Bolton International Film Festival.