International 1

For 48hrs from 8:00pm

Saturday 17th October

Henet Ward

Morad Mostafa
Egypt, 2020

Halima, a Sudanese henna painter goes to Basma's, a young Egyptian bride to prepare her for her wedding: under the eyes of her daughter Ward, the encounter between the two women grows from complicity to suddenly unveiled tensions.


Ines Gowland
Argentina, 2019

After her father dies, Teresa, a 50 year old expatriate, returns to Argentina determined to sell the family farm, but excessive rain forces her to stay.

Stay awake, be ready

Pham Thien An
Viet Nam, 2019

A motorbike crash happening before the street stalls on a street corner was embedded in the mysterious story of three young men.

I'll end up in jail

Alexandre Dostie
Canada, 2019

A stay-at-home mom gets into a murderous car crash where nobody wants to take the blame.

Hot Chocolate

David Hay
New Zealand, 2019

Maddie and her 8-year-old sister Nina drive to Maddie’s student flat. Nina stays in the car as Maddie heads inside to grab a few things. Inside the garage, Maddie discovers the body of Alex.

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