IRIS Prize

For 48hrs from 6:00pm

Monday 19th October

How to live your life correctly

Xindi Lou
United States, 2019

Ming, a Chinese teen, is disillusioned by society’s “rules.” Upon meeting a young woman named Ace, the door is opened to allow Ming to live the life she’s always wanted.

Hey you

Jared Watmuff
United Kingdom, 2019

In the middle of the night two men send messages via a dating app, but how will the night play out? And how do we know who is on the other side of that screen?


My brother is a mermaid

Alfie Dale
United Kingdom, 2019

In a bleak coastal town, transgender teen Kai battles with her family, her community and herself. But her adoring younger brother Kuda sees things differently...

We are dancers

Joe Morris
United Kingdom, 2019

Set in 1933 Berlin,  a story of real-life anti-Nazi drag artist Hansi Sturm and his circle of friends in the immediate aftermath of the Reichstag fire – an event that allowed Hitler to become an absolute dictator.

Black hat

Sarah Smith
United States, 2019

At first blush, Shmuel is a pious Hasidic man leading a simple life. But when his family leave town for a few days, Shmuel steps out of his routine and into a world lit by the mirror ball and coloured lights.

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