Long Shorts

For 48hrs from 2:00pm

Friday 23rd October

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Your Kid

Nelson Foix

Guadeloupe, 2020

While being chased, Chris discovers on his stair landing a baby who seems to be intended for him. Doubtful of his paternity, he sets out to find the mother of the child.

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Here/Not Here

Bim Ajadi
United Kingdom, 2020

Here/Not Here is a deaf hip hop music drama combining elements of hip hop dance, football, sign language and visual vernacular - a choreographic and poetic form of sign.

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The suit weareth the man

Mitchell Marion
United Kingdom, 2019

The Suit Weareth the Man is a disturbing modern fable, that blends the horrors of homosexual repression and corporate greed, into a sexually charged nightmare.

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