Opening Night

For 48hrs from 8:00pm

Friday 16th October



Ben Brand
Netherlands, 2019

When a man dies in a traffic accident and gets into a conversation with God, he gets an answer to the biggest question of life. Based on a short story by American bestselling author Andy Weir.

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Ingride Santos
Spain, 2019

10th grade student Melisa confronts her teacher during a literature exam. In front of all her classmates, Melisa questions the school system and the usefulness of what they are studying by asking a very uncomfortable question.

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Shady Srour
Israel, 2019

Ziad, a Palestinian day laborer, is denied entry into Israel for work that day. Not wanting to return home empty handed after promising his daughter meat for dinner, he needs to get creative. A poetic and tragic reflection on the everyday struggle of Palestinian breadwinners.

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Will & Carly
United Kingdom, 2019

A satirical piece that looks at the unhealthy importance young people place on social media validation and the disturbing trend to go under the knife to look like their flawless filtered selfies. Doctors have labelled this new mental health illness 'Snapchat Dysmorphia'

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David Proud
United Kingdom, 2020

An unemployed disabled actress is frustrated as all the disabled acting jobs go to able bodied actors. She gets a job as an advisor to a spoilt up and coming British film star advising him how to be disabled for his latest role, which might just win him a BAFTA.

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Georgi M. Unkovski
Macedonia, 2020

After an unsuccessful attempt to renew his car registration, Dejan falls in a bureaucratic trap that tests his determination to be a responsible father.

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Empty Places

Geoffroy de Crécy
Finland, 2020

Where is everyone?

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Country Girl

Ellen Evans
United Kingdom, 2019

Lilith’s benefits have been cut, threatening the thing in her life that gives it shape and purpose: her relationship with a troubled yet beloved horse. Fleeing a difficult past and struggling with rural poverty, she must take matters into her own hands.

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