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Thursday 22nd October



Toby Frow
United Kingdom, 2019

When retired housewife Maude wins a cruise for two, her hope of escape from her stale marriage is placed on Henry, her local shop keeper.

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Wanted: Strong Woman

Marilyn Cooke
Canada, 2019

Nadege lacks the confidence to get what she wants from life... until the day she discovers a new passion that awakens the beast inside her.

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A Glimpse

Tom Turner
United Kingdom,

A blossoming relationship unfolds when two strangers have a chance encounter in a London cafe.

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Pennie Hunt
New Zealand, 2019

January 1945: on a lonely farm in coastal New Zealand, a young widow confronts two crewmen from a German submarine who have come ashore on a secret mission – to get fresh milk.

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Talk Radio

Ben S. Hyland
United Kingdom, 2020

Pauline and Barry are a seemingly happily married middled aged couple. That is until Pauline tunes into relationship hour on Talk Radio and thinks she recognises the nameless voice that’s relaying a lifetime of regrets live on the radio. 

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Meena Rathore
Norway, 2018

From Oslo to Mumbai this film explores what happens when a seemingly perfect couple fail to live up to the expectations of society and their social surroundings?


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