Student 3

For 48hrs from 2:00pm

Thursday 22nd October


Matteo Palmas
United Kingdom, 2019

A young man flies to a nameless city to try get back his-long lost father. However, in a world without language barriers, speaking one’s feelings is harder than it seems.


Joel Baker
United Kingdom, 2019

A common love of retro videogames creates a bond that will last a lifetime.

No Refunds

Chezdan Mills
United Kingdom, 2020

A grieving husband runs a business helping terminally ill clients to die on their own terms, in memory of his late wife.

The home front

Tal Inbar
Israel, 2019

A policeman invites a stranger in distress into his home and leaves him alone with his wife, while he departs to deal with a terrorist event, not knowing the stranger is actually a terrorist.

Newton's Third

Katie Blamires
United Kingdom, 2020

When Noel's play is picked up by a production company on the same day his brother loses out on a big business deal, a passing comment from his wife makes Leon believe that when one brother succeeds the other fails.

Building Bridges

Josephine Cressy
United Kingdom, 2019

Building the bridges of broken relationships. Mother and daughter meet up after eight years apart. How will they get on? Will the connection be there? What will they talk about?


Oscar Albert
United Kingdom, 2019

Billy is a young man serving time in a run down UK prison. His morality and sense of duty is tested when he is instructed to kill his new cell mate - a convicted peadophile.

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