Student Animation

For 48hrs from 2:00pm

Wednesday 21st October



Evan McInnes
Australia, 2019

In a society driven by growth and development we don't often take time to appreciate this wild, wonderful world we occupy. Getting stuck in the daily grind is all too easy, but sometimes all that’s needed to open our eyes is a helping hand.

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The Bear Hunter

Sayaka Hara
Japan, 2019

A hunter who lives in the mountain knows the bears well. She apologizes to each bear every time she kills one, but she has to, for it is how she makes her living. One evening, she comes across a bear and when she is about to kill it, the bear speaks to her.

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Nadine Schwenk
Germany, 2020

Deep down in the swamps of Louisiana, Evangeline finds a deserted alligator egg and decides to take it home. She secretly keeps it under her bed. When the alligator hatches, she finally found the friend to play with, she longed for all her life. However, the alligator soon becomes a problem for Evangeline due to its size. 

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Right now, I am

Ciara Kerr
United Kingdom, 2020

‘Right Now, I Am’ is an autobiographical, emotional journey through the past up to now.

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Trunk Calls

Ross Stringer
United Kingdom, 2020

An audio visual interpretation of communication between humans and trees.

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Ben Heywood
United Kingdom, 2020

Based in New Zealand, a bushman disappears into the wilderness in search of a new life, his mind is haunted by a mysterious figure and a past he is desperate to leave behind. 

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Henrike Lendowski
United States, 2020

Diminuendo visualizes the detrimental effects plastic waste has on marine life and the environment from an emotional point of view. Through visual metaphors, the viewer is guided through sceneries that get more and more covered by plastic. 

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Yeaeun Jang
South Korea, 2018

The story follows a point of view of satellite that observes a human eternity closely.

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Stanislas le Stang
France, 2019

Lenny, a 3d character, runs into a self tanning cream advertisement. He develops a bug and gets thrown into a dump of buggy objects. Through his mourning, begins an initiatory journey leading Lenny to meet himself.

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The interview from hell

James Lawson
United Kingdom, 2019

The apocalypse looms and a board of managers from Hell Incorporated have been tasked to find Hell's most evil demon. Will they find the agent of armageddon they need? or will the incompetence of the applicants bring out the demon in the interviewers?

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Matisse Gonzalez
Germany, 2019

In a world where gravity changes constantly, you have to find something to keep you grounded.

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Weronika Szyma
Poland, 2020

When a girl meets her mirror reflection, unexpectedly her fears and insecurities about her body turn into a passionate and free self exploration. Her fantasies come to life. But there’s also a darker side of this game. Is it possible to become united with your own self?

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