Sunday Industry

From 1:00pm

Sunday 18th October


The Perfect


LIVE @ 1:00pm Oct 18th

Whether you’re pitching to directors, producers, distributors or investors, a pitch deck is the first asset you will be using to introduce your project. In this session, we will be covering what a pitch deck is and what to include when creating it, and general advice to help you avoid the pitfalls. Our guest speaker is Jasmin Morrison; founder of film and television consultancy Soul Cognition and a finance expert with experience in financing over 100 features.

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Short Film - the do's and don'ts 

LIVE @ 3:00pm Oct 18th

Join Rob Speranza a programmer at Aesthetica Film Festival, a juror at Bolton Film Festival and the organiser of South Yorkshire Film Network for his "do's and don'ts" of the short film. 

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Virtual Networking

LIVE 8:00pm Oct 18th

Our second networking session offer film-makers on a different time zone to join local film-makers. Form new connections for future collaborations in a series of online breakout rooms hosted on Zoom.