By uploading your film to this site you are effectively giving us permission to the following:  

1.  Permission to screen your film online to the public using our password protected platform (which is geo restricted to the UK only). In plain English this means the public can only watch your film if they have purchased a festival pass and only if they are using a computer in the UK.

Our online platform is FilmChief, a highly respected partner delivering some of the best film festivals in the world including Vienna Shorts, Oberhausen, Glasgow Short Film Festival and Shortwaves.

2.  By uploading your film to FilmChief you are giving us permission to screen your film to pass holders within a "48 hour watch window". This means for example that if you film begins at 2pm on a Monday your film will be available to watch on the platform until 2pm on the Wednesday.  

3.  All selected film-makers will be given a complimentary festival pass to watch all the films, talks and masterclasses from anywhere in the world.  

4. All film-makers will be invited to participate in Q&A sessions using Zoom, some will be LIVE sessions and some will be pre-recorded.