Thursday 22nd Oct

Student 3

From 2:00pm Oct 22nd

The final block of student films at this edition of BFF from undergraduate and postgraduate film-makers. 

Silver Screen

From 4:00pm Oct 22nd

A selection of short films from around the world hit the silver screen, with films from Canada, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom


From 6:00pm Oct 22nd

International 5

From 8:00pm Oct 22nd

The final block of International films at this years festival includes films from France, Singapore, Lithuania, Belgium and the United Kingdom. 

Thursday Industry

Women in Film

LIVE @ 12:00pm Oct 22nd

Campaigns like "#Me Too", "#Times Up", "ReclaimTheFrame" and "#StrongFemaleCharacter" have done a lot to raise the disparity and challenges for women in film, but is anything really changing ? Our panel will discuss the past, present and the future.




Producing Animation

LIVE @ 2:00pm Oct 22nd

Have you ever wondered what it takes to produce an animated film? Producer Aaron Wood of Slurpy Animation Studio will take us through the process that makes animated films come to life. Looking at the same questions experienced by producers when setting up a new project: How to cast for a great team? Is it possible to foresee challenges in a production? Why is it pivotal to break the script down? 

Film Financing (Pt 2)

LIVE 6:00pm Oct 22nd

Part two of a two part course.

Soul Cognition’s "Introduction to Film Finance Course" is designed to give filmmakers a basic understanding of film finance, sales and distribution. The aim of the course is to provide filmmakers with a toolkit of knowledge to help prepare them for conversations with financiers, sales agents and distributors to help get their project made. Topics covered in the course include but are not limited to: introduction to types of finance (e.g. development, debt, equity), understanding a finance plan, recoupment waterfalls and types of distribution.

Sponsors and Supporting Partners

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