Tuesday 20th Oct



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From 2:00pm Oct 20th

Pushing the boundaries in new directions, will the experimental of today  become the normal of the future. Breaking new ground our experimental block challenges the conventions. 

Directors Notes 

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From 8:00pm Oct 20th

Since 2006 Directors Notes has scoured the globe for the very best that independent cinema has to offer, whilst sharing the inspiration and production stories behind the filmmaking of some of the world’s most talented directors. Eclectic in its tastes, Directors Notes is where you can find the most cutting edge films regardless of genre, length or technique. Co-Founder Marbelle joins us with a pick of his gems from 2020 and supporting Q&A's from one or two film-makers. 


Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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From 4:00pm Oct 20th

One of the most popular strand of the festival our Sci-Fi and Fantasy takes you to new imagined times and places. 

Best of the fest 1

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From 8:00pm Oct 20th

The Best of the Fest one is an overview of the festival in minature, made up one or two documentaries, animations, student work and drama the films represent some of the best of what we have to offer during the festival. 

International 3

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From 6:00pm Oct 20th

Films from Japan, Finland, Belgium, Canada and Iran make up our third block of International films.

Tuesday Industry

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D.O.P Masterclass

12:00pm Oct 20th

Mike Staniforth is a British director of photography who has shot many short films and to date, three feature films. Mike’s most recent short, ‘The Road To Gehenna’, was influenced by Caravaggio, The Flagellation of Christ and many other religious undertones and has won multiple awards in the cinematography category in 2020. "Underwater" also by Michael Keogh is playing at Bolton Film Festival. Mike shares insights to his methods and influences in this masterclass. 

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Script to Screen

LIVE @ 4:00pm Oct 20th

Producer Gary Paton, Producer/Line Producer Deborah Aston and Director (t.b.c) join our host Stephanie Clark from Creative England for a look at the preparation required to bring a script to the screen. The audience will watch a LIVE script breakdown of a short script the panel are seeing for the first time. Armed with their own copy of the script audience members will see first hand the creative discussions and considerations required to bring a Western shot in the deserts of Spain to life. 

Film Financing (Pt 1)

LIVE at 6:00pm - 8:00pm Oct 20th

Part one of a two part course.
Soul Cognition’s "Introduction to Film Finance Course" is designed to give filmmakers a basic understanding of film finance, sales and distribution. The aim of the course is to provide filmmakers with a toolkit of knowledge to help prepare them for conversations with financiers, sales agents and distributors to help get their project made. Topics covered in the course include but are not limited to: introduction to types of finance (e.g. development, debt, equity), understanding a finance plan, recoupment waterfalls and types of distribution.