UK Shorts 1

For 48hrs from 6:00pm

Friday 16th October


Father of the bride

Martin A. Walther
Norway, 2019

The best man attempts to keep face and deliver his speech at his brother’s wedding, following a sexual advance in the hotel bathroom by the father of the bride.

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Our sister

Rosie Westhoff
United Kingdom, 2019

A nonverbal autistic teenage girl and her sister come to terms with the death of their youngest sibling.

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3 Minutes of silence

Ben Price
United Kingdom, 2020

Two young girls find hope & friendship in the most unlikely of places, a Moss Side boxing gym.

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Michael Keogh
United Kingdom, 2019

Jack, an achiever in-and-out of the pool, learns that winning isn’t everything. As acknowledgement and adulation fades who is there for him when he really needs it? 

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Lucky Break

John Addis
United Kingdom, 2019

Uloaku works the graveyard shift at a remote service station and is bored out of her mind. Fortunately a chance encounter with a suspicious stranger will soon fix that.

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The Rabbit's Foot

Charlie Brafman, Magnus McCullagh
United Kingdom, 2018

Under the auspices of a mystical rabbit's foot, the fortunes of three men intertwine with fatal consequences. A pitch black comic fable set against the backdrop of the Old West.

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