UK Shorts 2

Made up North

For 48hrs from 6:00pm

Saturday 17th October


Tessa Hoffe
United Kingdom, 2019

Single mother and immigrant; Sonia works in sheltered accommodation. When a resident makes an official complaint against her, she must continue to face each one of them without bias.

Eyeless in parkway

Lou Sumray
United Kingdom, 2019

A Megabus journey from Bradford to London - the journey twists and snakes through desolate places taking you somewhere you might not expect.

Living the dream

Harry Sherriff,

United Kingdom, 2019

Harry gets a call from his top LA agent...


Alexander Brown
United Kingdom, 2019

When a young boy finds a large sum of money hidden in a discarded mattress, good fortune turns to anxiety as his windfall transforms him into a reclusive and paranoid creature who will do anything to protect his jackpot.

Haxey Hood

Chris Boyd
United Kingdom, 2020

For 650 years, two rival Lincolnshire villages have met to play a game led by an enigmatic character known as 'The Fool'. This year, a new 'Fool' was elected for the first time in a quarter of a century. 


Matt Greenhalgh
United Kingdom, 2020

A frantic young woman struggles against an unstoppable inner voice that battles against all logic, rhyme or reason... compelling her to endure a physical, mental journey that takes her right to the very edge.

Songs of the city

Adelina Court
United Kingdom, 2019

One sketchbook. One stroke of a brush. One inkblot magically transformed. In a bid to celebrate urban bird song, this heart-warming animation will take you to the heart of the City of Manchester.


Jason Wingard
United Kingdom, 2020

A homeless man wakes up and the pavement has grown over his legs. The worse people treat him the more he sinks into the ground. Only one person is sympathetic to his plight but will her empathy alone be enough to save him?


Libby Burke Wilde
United Kingdom, 2019

Absent is a short film based on multiple true stories which gives a frank portrayal of the awkwardness, sensitivity and often humiliation that characterises many early experiences of menstruation.

Reclaiming the Negative

Mike Beech
United Kingdom, 2019

Since the end of the Korean War in 1953, roughly 31,000 North Koreans have defected from their home country to South Korea. In 2018, photographer Tim Franco began shooting a series of large format portraits for a book detailing some of their experiences.


Kate Graham
United Kingdom, 2020

A single mum struggles to come to terms with her teenage daughter’s love of rugby league.

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