UK Shorts 5

For 48hrs from 4:00pm

Saturday 24th October

Heavy Man

Piers Dennis
United Kingdom, 2020

Charlie and Joe are starting a band, but they haven’t settled on a name. The debate continues as they travel up to London to see their first gig - Brutality Will Prevail.


Dominic O'Riordan
United Kingdom, 2020

When a man's car breaks down, salvation doesn't quite come in the form he was hoping for...


James Arden
United Kingdom, 2020

Rocky, a born-and-bred London teenager, begins to question the strict routine set by her father - as well as deeper feelings about her own identity - after meeting a free-spirited girl in a local launderette.


Nichola Wong
United Kingdom, 2019

A father reconnects with his daughter in a most unusual way.

An Everyday Act

Gavin Scott-Whitfield
United Kingdom, 2019

With one terrible act, 12 year old Eric leaves his childhood behind in a bid to help his family survive.

The Act

Thomas Hescott
United Kingdom, 2020

1965, the eve of decriminalisation for acts of male homo- sexuality. Matthews, a young gay man at odds with the world, discovers love, sex and a family in the backstreets and underground bars of Soho.

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