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Best International

Swimmer by Jonatan Etzler

Best UK Shorts

All These Men that I’ve Done by Lorraine Nolan & Mark Daly

Best Made Up North

Three Bull Mastiffs in a Corner Shop by Paul Chambers

Best Documentary

Maalbeek by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis

Best Animation

Opera by Erick Oh

Best Comedy

Lighting Tests by Tom Nicoll


Dustin by Naïla Guiguet

Best Horror

Hungry Joe by Paul Holbrook & Sam Dawe

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Heartless by Haukur Björgvinsson

Best Women in Film

All These Men That I’ve Done

by Lorraine Nolan & Mark Daly

Best Experimental

Somewhere We Live In Little Loops by Guli Silberstein

Best VR

Hangman at Home by Michelle Kranot & Uri Kranot

Best 360

Replacements by Jonathan Hagard

Best Fashion

Isolation by Devin O’Connell & Charlee Black

Best Music Video

Oborozuki by Joseph Ros

Best Dance

Another Me in the World by Yiming Fan

Best 3 Minute Quickie

Mushy Peas by Sam Coombes

Best Postgraduate

Downpour by Jade Courtney Edwards

Best Undergraduate

The Walker by Joseph Walker

Best Student Animation

@scroll_alice by Celine Ufenast

Best Film for Change

Spokespeople by Ryan Mekenian


Best Community/Charity

Tinned Pears by Libby Burke-Wilde




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