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We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic, multi-skilled, warm and friendly volunteers who have a passion for film or are interested in event co-ordination or management. We need people who are good at engaging with the public and who are interested in working in a variety of roles:


Social Media Volunteers

Must be a regular Instagram/Facebook/Twitter user
Good with a phone camera for posts on Instagram
Familiar with Live Feeds and Multi-pics
Aware of our brand and it's image on social media

Conscious of the boundaries when posting on our behalf


(Please note we do support you with guidance and training)


If you can plug in a projector and laptop for a talk...
...or set up speakers and plug in microphones...

...monitor the sound for any feedback or volume issues...
...get hands on with setting up pop up banners and gaffer taping those loose wires etc...
basically know your HDMI from your VGA cable, or your RCA from your XLR

...we're going to get along like a house on fire - get in touch now.

(Please note we do support you with training too)

VR/360 Technicians


We're looking for volunteers with a passion for VR/360 to help "on board" our audiences to the experiences. 
You should be familiar with freestanding headsets and controllers such as the Oculus Quests 2 & 3

Ideally you'll be familiar with tethered experiences using Steam VR and Unity.

You should be a good communicator who can help guide our guests through the VR menus and the experience.

(Please note we do support you with guidance and training too)


  Photographers and Filmmakers

We're looking for photographers and film-makers to help capture the event.
You will be working for our Media Manager who will direct your movements throughout the event, giving you a shot list and previous examples of the style and content we are looking for. 
You will be expected to capture industry talks and an overview of the event and remain focused on your task. 


(Please note we do support you with guidance and training too)


Front of House

Assist with ticketing and meeting/greeting
Welcome of Film-makers and VIP guests
Be ready to help out with hospitality such as food and drinks
Check passes and tickets for the venues

Making sure the venue stays clean and tidy
Have an intimate knowledge of the programme.
Be friendly, attentive and focused on the tasks in hand


(Please note we do support you with guidance and training too)

Application and Selection Process

Register your interest in volunteering by e-mailing Zoe:


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