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Savage || Short Film

Savage || Short Film

PREMIERING ONLINE ON DIRECTOR'S NOTES Mokonzi, a young Babangi man, tries to recover his dignity after he is brought over to London by an unscrupulous explorer to serve as a museum exhibit at a British colonial exposition. Savage is a reminder of the forgotten victims of real-life human zoos and exhibitions, which in their heyday drew millions of visitors, but have somehow disappeared from Western history... Winner of Jury Prize Best Dramatic Short at 29th Woods Hole International Film Festival 2020 Winner of Best Screenplay at NDRFF 2020 Nominated for Best Short Film Hainan Island International Film Festival 2019 Nominated for Best Film at Skepto International Film Festival 2019 Official Selection Paris International Film Festival 2021 Official Selection San Diego International Film Festival 2019 Official Selection Maryland International Film Festival 2019 Official Selection Athens International Film + Video Festival 2019 Official Selection Bolton Film Festival 2019 Official Selection Västerås Film Festival 2019 Official Selection Bucharest Film Festival 2019 CREW Writer & Director - Denis Dobrovoda Producer - Ted Byron Baybutt, Allison Edwards 
DOP - Andrew 
Alderslade 1st AD - Sion Joseph Production Manager - Claudia Priddy Production Designer - Juliet Green Key Standby - Oscar Potter Costume Designer - Andrea Gambell Costume Supervisor - Daniela Hill Makeup and Hair Designer - Allison Edwards Assistant Makeup - Skye Pollock Script Supervisor - Jodie Woodall Sound Recordist - Stephen Partington 1st AC - Niki Melis
 2nd AC - Catalina Ganea
 DIT - Matt Hutchings 
Gaffer - Craig Gambell
 Electrician - Lukasz Dryzalowsky Spark - Sam Baker 
Production Assistants - Kate Stocker-Wright, Frankie Stewart Extras Coordinator - Ellie Wright Falconers - Elliot Manarin, Paul Ryder Academic Consultant - Professor James Nazroo Lingala Translator - Rich Kinsiona POST Composer - George Cooke 
Editor - Joe Donaghy Colourist - Carl Thompson
 VFX Supervisor - Dominik Bari VFX Artists - Simon Modery, Karolina Papp Sound Design and Mix - Harry J.N. Parsons Recording Engineer - Ed Rousseau Foley Artist - Ross Wilkes-Houghton BTS Editor - Lee Glasscock Distribution - Festival Formula CAST Mokonzi - Florence Nzenwefi Museum Guide - James Dryden Miss Gordon - Kajsa Mohammar John Hagen - Alex Dee Professor Smith - Pip Donaghy Tonraq - Samantha Tamang || || ||
Kaleidoscope | Short Film Directed by Nicole Pott | 2020

Kaleidoscope | Short Film Directed by Nicole Pott | 2020

Kaleidoscope follows a young boy, Conan, on his 7th birthday as he weaves his way through the day and attempts to try and open the biggest birthday present of them all. However, as its off limits until his small party in the evening, Conan tries to sneak around his parents to get the present, but ends up witnesses something eye opening and heartbreaking in the process. NOT suitable for children. FESTIVALS Won: - Best Director at Swindon Independent Film Festival - Best Film at LA1 Shorts. - Best Drama Short at Harrogate Film Festival Nominated: - Best Director & Best Short Film at the British Independent Film Festival. - Best Short Film & Best Screenplay at Swindon Independent Film Festival - Best Short, Best Director, Best Lead Actor, Best Young Performer and Best Editor at Oxford International Short Film Festival. Screened: Detroit Shetown Film Festival Exit6 Film Festival Bolton Film Festival Oaxaca Film Festival Linear International Film Festival It’s an amazing short film, starring the fantastic seven year old new talent Harry Tayler and talents Ian Virgo and Cressida Cooper. The film is directed by Nicole Pott, produced by Marissa Cole and written by Stuti Nair. It comprised of a 50% split on gender across the crew, including most HODs being female, with Tania Freimuth on camera. Tania Freimuth is well known for her work across corporate and fiction and has worked on many award-winning films, including Ben Desmond’s Pitfall and Julia Hart’s Kid Gloves. She is an influential and successful female director of photography, making a mark in a very male game. The film looks at the role of domestic abuse from the point of view of a child. The film is told entirely from the perspective of Conan, through tone and colour as well as camera angles and point of view. The films colour gradually changes as it goes through to the climax onwards to the conclusion, but subtly. The film was purposely graded like this to give the feeling of loss of hope and life and to show how Conan’s life goes from being the beautiful, childlike world he is trapped within his seven years old self, to his arrival into the world of being a grown up at that age. CREDITS Directed by Nicole Pott Produced by Marissa Cole Written by Stuti Nair Cinematography by Tania Freimuth Music by Richard Collins Casting by Sydney Aldridge Edited by Rob Maxwell #shortfilm #britishshort #womeninfilm #femalefilmmakers
BACKSTORY by Joschka Laukeninks

BACKSTORY by Joschka Laukeninks

written and directed by JOSCHKA LAUKENINKS produced by BENJAMIN HORSTKOTTE / THE MARMALADE FILMS produced by TOBIAS WICHURA cinematography by EIKE RIECHE / THE MARMALADE FILMS edited by VERA BERG starring JAN STAPELFELDT, JESSICA MCINTYRE, XENIA ASSENZA narrated by PHILIPP MOOG music GERMAN WAHNSINN production company THE MARMALADE FILMS 'BACKSTORY' was shot in Germany in 17 shooting days over a period of 1,5 years. It has been screened at more than 110 festivals worldwide and, so far, has won more than 30 international awards. Our love goes out to all the wonderful people who worked so hard on this film for such a long time! see the full crew list and more info at here are some of the 33 AWARDS we have won * BEST SUPER SHORT* at NEW YORK CITY INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL New York City, US *BEST SHORT* at ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL, Orlando, US *BEST FOREIGN SHORT* at TWISTER ALLEY FILM FESTIVAL Woodward, US *BEST FILM* COLCHESTER FILM FESTIVAL, Colchester, UK *BEST OF FESTIVAL* at FASTNET FILM FESTIVAL Schull, Cork, Ireland *ROGER DEAKINS AWARD* at PLYMOUTH FILM FESTIVAL Plymouth, UK *JURY AWARD* at HAMILTON FILM FESTIVAL, Hamilton, US *BEST DIRECTOR* at FARM FILM FESTIVAL, Sicily, Italy *BEST FOREIGN SHORT* at ANOTHER INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL, Wisconsin, USA *BEST IN SHOW* at CREATION INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Ottawa, Canada *AUDIENCE AWARD* at OPORTO INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Porto, Portugal *BEST STORY* at REVOLUTION ME FESTIVAL, New York City, US (...)
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